The documentary about the migrant caravan.


We accompany the first Central American caravan from Mexico City. There we meet the family that has become the protagonist of this documentary.
Eight months pregnant, ninteen-year-old Yuri, decides to flee Hoduras with her two-year-old son, Santi and her partner Mike, with the first Central American mi- grant caravan of 2018. With the determi- nation to have her son born in the USA, they will have to face a dangerous 5000 km road trip, to get to the most guarded frontier.



Social Documentary
90 min/4K/2019

Filmed from within, accompanying and sleeping in the caravan, the documentary shows the exo- dus of 7000 people who are escaping violence and poverty in Central America. An intimate view of the story of Yuri, Mike and Santi, who reveal the suffering and dreams of their journey, exem- plified in the strength of a courageous mother.


Through the caravan, EXODUS, brings us closer to their countries’ political situation, their fears and motivations, not forgetting that hope never dies. Yuri saw her wish come true and gave birth a day after crossing the North-American border, which made her son the first and only child from the caravan to be born in the USA. What awaits for them on the other side of the wall?



Núria Clavero – Co-director and producer
Aitor Palacios – Co-director and producer
Ingrid Stalling – Executive producer and co-producer
Fran Barba – Editor and co-producer
Miriam Ortiz – DoP
Baruch Arias – Sound